kihei deal directory

5August 2020

Benefits of Listing Your Business in A Kihei Deal Directory

Should you list your business in a Kihei deal directory? Listing your business in a...

best deals in kihei

3August 2020

How To Get The Best Deals In Kihei

You can get almost anything you want for less than the actual price if you...

Maui coupons

1August 2020

Key Benefits Of Using Maui Coupons For Promoting Your Products   

Promoting your products via Maui coupons is effective, quick, smart, reliable, and more. If you’re...

15December 2019

5 Good Reasons to Spend Christmas in Lahaina

Spending Christmas in Lahaina – or spending the Winter Holidays on Maui in general –...

Renting a Car in Kahului

15November 2019

5 Advantages to Renting a Car in Kahului

Is renting a car in Kahului a good idea? Many people who come visit the...

15October 2019

Travel Gift Ideas: 8 Best Souvenirs from Maui

Is your island vacation coming to an end and you’re still not sure what souvenirs...

15September 2019

7 Benefits of Working with a Travel Agency in Kihei

Would you rather look for a travel agency in Kihei or plan your vacation on...

15August 2019

Why Should You Hire a Roofing Contractor in Maui?

Fixing or replacing your own roof can be a tedious job, not to mention a...

18July 2019

10 Must -Try Water Activities in Maui

Maui is a magnificent place and if you’re a sports enthusiast and can’t wait to...

Maui Travel Tips

22November 2018

10 Maui Travel Tips for First Time Visitors

Have you ever thought about visiting Maui? There are myriad things you can do on...

Shopping in Kahului

11November 2018

What to See and Where to Go Shopping in Kahului

Have you ever gone sightseeing or shopping in Kahului? Kahului may not be the most...

Restaurants in Maui

8November 2018

Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Restaurants in Maui

If you’re looking for good restaurants on Maui, you’re in luck. There are many places...

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