Travel Gift Ideas: 8 Best Souvenirs from Maui

15 October 2019

Is your island vacation coming to an end and you’re still not sure what souvenirs from Maui to get for your loved ones?

Showing your friends and family you’ve thought about them while you traveled is always nice. So, if you’re looking for the perfect souvenirs from Maui, here’s a list of the best ones you can find here, on the island.

1. Kukui nut leis are great souvenirs from Maui

Kukui nut leis date back to the arrival of the Polynesians to Hawaii. Furthermore, the Kukui is the state tree of Hawaii and the nuts from this trees have a spiritual significance. Although kukui nut leis were only worn by royalty back in the day, you can now get them as a souvenir for your friends and family.

2. Ukuleles are among the most classic souvenirs you can bring home from Maui

The classic ukulele can be found almost anywhere on the island. You can get them as a souvenir for your loved ones or someone special or get a genuine, playable ukulele for yourself from one of the island’s music stores.

3. Aloha shirts – the souvenir from Maui that says it all

You can find Aloha shirts everywhere you look here. They’re available in every color combination you can imagine and you can find them in just about every price range in various clothing stores.

4. You can never go wrong with jewelry as a souvenir

You can find plenty high-end jewelry stores around the island if you’re looking to impress someone special or you can go smaller and pick some shell earrings to offer as a souvenir from Maui for your loved ones back home.

5. Get your friends and family some coffee and mugs

Is someone back home a big fan of coffee? So are Hawaiians! You can find a lot of local coffee shops here on Maui where you can get some coffee as a souvenir from Maui or even pick up some coffee cups of mugs to offer as a gift for the people back home.

6. Get your loved ones some children’s books with stories of the island

Do you have friends or family back home with small children? Then get them the gift of story reading to their little ones. You can find plenty book stores on the island and choose between the many children’s books that tell a tale about the island.

7. Bring your loved ones some macadamia nuts

If you’re looking to get your friends and family something their palate would enjoy, stock your luggage with macadamia nuts. They come in different kinds of seasonings – from sweet to salty – and they make for a delicious souvenir from Maui.

8. Go classic and get magnets, key chains or stickers as a souvenir from Maui

Still not sure if the suggestions above are a good fit? Then just go classic and get your friends and family a souvenir from Maui in the form of a magnet, key chain or a sticker. You can find them in any souvenir shop on the island and you can get as many as you want, they’re freakishly small and can fit in any luggage.

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